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I have a neighbor and "Good" friend that lives at the end of our Cul-de-sac. Our street goes slightly uphill from the entry towards her house. All of the homes have a nice set-back and you can generally see most of the other houses from your own. There are a few small trees in the front yards and the back yards are still populated with many of the trees that were here before the development. In general, the view is pleasant and generally unobstructed.

My friend, Dianne, is a "job-widow", with her husband, Dan, going away on business about four or five times a year for two to three weeks at a time. I don't know exactly what he does, but he is a semi-retired consultant on some of the big machines that are used in power plants. He goes to these stations when they are shut down for maintenance and stays there until it is done. These stations are all over the country and twice in the last three years, he has had to go to Japan on these trips.

Dianne is Probably five foot five, around one hundred and twenty-five pounds, with a 36, 24, 36 figure. Short blonde hair, full lips, and that winning interracial pictures smile that makes her eyes go almost shut when she flashes it. Remarkably free interracial sex video galleries preserved, she continues to exhibit the energy and enthusiasm of a woman half her age. My guess is that she is about 53.

One morning, I went up to the local Wawa to get some milk and the morning papers. She was standing at the coffee fixing station so I decided to get a cup myself and joined her there. She flashed me one of her winning smiles and said, "Good morning". She was wearing gray sweatpants and a pale pink tee-shirt, which I could see revealed no bra. She sidled over, right up to me, till she was standing about six inches from my nose. She smelled really good.

After some short meaningless conversation about the coffee, local school taxes and the weather she asked me if I could do her a favor by tightening a shelf that is in the laundry room over her washer / dryer. She explained that it had interacial cumshot gallery loose and keeps spilling her laundry supplies. All it needs is a tightening but she can't reach it and her interacial and slut is away on one of his trips. I stuttered "sure" "OK" or something equally stupid and promised to be up at her house later in the morning.

My wife is a volunteer at the local hospital and this was one of her days to work at the reception desk. When she does this, she is generally gone all day and returns around four in the afternoon. So, around eleven O'clock, I collected my power driver, an assortment of fasteners and some various driver tips, which I put into my small toolbox. I had an excited feeling in my stomach about my "visit" and I thought that having these visible "props" was interracial italiano good idea, especially for the neighbors to see. So I walked slowly up the street to her house and rang the bell.

Dianne answered the door almost immediately saying that she had been watching me walk to her house. I had been in this house before and the layout was similar to others in our development. The front door opens into the interracial pictures living room. The living room was fitted with the usual furniture, a large couch, coffee table, a couple of large chairs and some framed pictures. There was no TV or stereo and I got the impression that this room was sloppy interracial used for formal occasions with most of the "living" being done in the family room at the back of the house. One of the chairs was oriented to face the large picture window and she told me that she interracial sex stories been sitting there while she watched me approach. I could see that this vantage point allowed her to see the entire cul-de-sac and pictures interracial the other front doors.

She offered me a coffee and I accepted. I followed her into the kitchen and could hardly keep my eyes off her firm tight ass. She was still dressed as I had seen her earlier at the store. We sat at the kitchen table and drank about half of our coffees. We began to talk and she mentioned that her husband had been away for three weeks but was not expected home for another two weeks. He was in California and she had talked to him on pictures interracial phone late last night. Boy, talk about free interracial gangbang galleries that the cat is away! She offered this information very freely and matter-of-fact.

Eventually the conversation dwindled down so I suggested that we go to the laundry room to examine the patient. I followed her down the hall, again watching her cute butt and we eventually came to the laundry room. It was a small room, hardly bigger than the washer and dryer that were against the far wall. There was a wire shelf above the machines that was visibly tilted to the left. There were some cheapo screws in the sheetrock that had pulled loose letting the shelf sag. I told her that I could put in a couple of wallboard anchors that should hold this shelf securely. She said that whatever I thought would be great. She asked if I needed any help. Since the shelf was already unloaded, I said that I could handle this job myself and that it would only take a few minutes. She said that she had a couple of things white woman black sex do and would be back before I was finished. She excused herself and went further down the hall, into one of the bedrooms and closed the door behind her.

I stabbed a couple of anchors into the wall and secured the shelf. This was pretty easy and xxx interacial films started to pick up and put the laundry supplies back onto the shelf. When I was about half way wallpaper bikini black white she appeared in the doorway and said that I should just leave that stuff. "I'll take care of that later," she said. I gratis interracial porn and collected my tools back into the toolbox.

She turned around towards the kitchen and started to walk. With that cute, little ass of hers right in front of me, I followed right along behind her. After a few steps, she suddenly stopped and bent right over at the waist. I wasn't ready for this and I bumped right into her butt. My half hard interracial pictures cock pushed right against her ass. I already had half a hard-on by the way she looked and acted that morning. "Whoa, stephens interracial sorry about that", I said. "That's okay", she said. "It kind of felt good, didn't it"?

I decided to take a chance and said, "As a matter of fact, it did to me. How about to you"? "Absolutely", she said. "I like to take it from back there now and then. She was still bent over so I put down the toolbox and placed my hands on her hips and pushed my now fully hard cock right up against her nice round ass and began to rub it up and down her crack. interracial pictures most certainly do," I said. interracial swingers mpegs a couple of seconds of this action, she started to make those pleasant "Mmm" sounds that women can do so well. "What do you think we ought to do about it"?
sophie sweet interracial I said, "I could just keep doing this for a few more minutes, then you can decide." She pushed back against me boards interracial message sex put her hands on top of mine on her hips. After a couple of moments, she said. "I was spring thomas blacks on blonds to interracial nude thumbnails of some way to thank you anyway." She straightened up and said "follow me, I know what we need interracial creampies do." She started waking toward the kitchen but turned and went into the living room. I had expected hoped to be heading toward the bedroom and this direction filled me with the fear that I may be about to be shown the door.

She walked into the living room and locked the storm door leaving the front door fully open. She then walked over to the big chair that she had been sitting in when I had arrived. She smiled at me and said that she "needed to be able to see if anyone was coming up the street." With that, she walked behind the chair, slid her sweatpants down to her ankles and bent over interracial pictures back of white on black lesbian porn chair facing the picture window. "Do your best," she said, "and I'll keep watch."

I almost came right there and Love Hina Hentai then. The sight of her firm round ass bent over the back of that chair was absolutely memorable. I could see her beautiful blonde pussy and her perfect little rosebud. She had her arms stretched out to the arms of the chair and she was standing slightly on her toes. What a sight. I unfastened my belt and dropped my pants. I then noticed that I was still about six to eight feet away so I did a penguin walk across the living room until I was right up against her.

Finding the sweet wet spot was no problem. My penis must have been using its one good eye and found her vagina on the first try. I pushed in and found her extremely wet and receptive. Now it was my turn to make articles on interracial dating those "Mmmm" sounds. I was buried in her to the hilt. She took it all and adult interracial mpegs her hips with each of my thrusts. I could tell that it wasn't going to take long for me black and white artistic nude photographs finish. I tried to slow down to make it last for her, but she apparently sensed this and said, "Go for it, black men gang bang white women want you to fill me up."

About two more strokes was all it took and then I exploded into her. I hadn't cum like that in years. I could feel that orgasm from my feet to the top of my head. It felt like I was pumping cum into her for a full minute. I half expected her to have a runny nose after this injection. I started to lose black white latina erection, so I gently pulled out and stood there like a dumb smiling kid. She stood, turned around and kissed me long and hard. I half expected to feel a renewed stirring in response to this kiss, but before that could happen she bent over, grabbed her sweatpants and pulled them up again.

There I was, standing in her living room with my pants around my toon interracial She had walked into the hallway and retrieved by toolbox. I took the opportunity to "pull 'em back up." I didn't know what to say and I think that she sensed this. "We can take care of me tomorrow, if you would like," she said. I replied that I would like that too. "We can use this same chair to please me - I'll sit and you can kneel on the floor in front of me if that's OK." I avidly agreed and promised to be back the next day. "What can I fix tomorrow?" I asked. "Me" was her reply.